Best Sex Toys for Gay Singles and Couples

The Best Sex Toys for Gay Singles and Couples

Homosexual behavior has been observed in several species in the wild, including insects, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds and mammals — pretty much every organism that has a brain. Even though such same-gender sexual activity is unarguably natural, human society has had problems with accepting it throughout history. Today, thanks to many societies’ progressive views, like-gender sexual activity is more acceptable than ever before.

Enough with the history — gay men understand their bodies better, providing more pleasurable sex than with women. Sex toys help enhance already-steamy sex and masturbation sessions alike. No matter whether you’re dominant, submissive, or versatile, here are a number of adult toys that are certain to trip your — and your partners’ — triggers.

Prostate massagers

The male prostate has more nerve endings than any other sexual organ in or on a man’s body. Although the penis head and frenulum may seem more sensitive than most other areas, they’re not. The prostate is responsible for ejaculating natural lubricant and semen alike, entirely necessary for male reproduction. Like joujou sex toys

Prostate massagers can feature vibrators or not, although vibration typically makes for more enjoyable experiences. They often feature a curved handle that wraps around the taint, reaching up towards the testicles and base of your man’s penis. These sex toys are best used with a partner’s help, gently moved back-and-forth and side-to-side for maximum stimulation. Be careful, as some men can ejaculate solely from prostate stimulation — have fun!

Anal vibrators

These are different from dildos, because they’re slimmer, and not meant for thrusting. Anal vibrators are intended to stimulate the prostate, although they can be used to stimulate the sphincter, testicles, or the base of the penis. Whenever selecting an anal vibrator, make sure it has a flared base to prevent sex toys from getting lost in sensitive areas.

Anal beads

Anal beads are meant to insert well before orgasm, then pop them out slowly right before or during orgasm. Some anal beads vibrate, making them far more fun to use than regular anal beads. Either way, they’re sure to make your and your man’s orgasm more enjoyable.

Anal Fleshlights

Flashlights are undoubtedly one of the most popular branded sex toys in the industry today. They replicate mouths, vaginas — ewwwww — and anal cavities. Some Fleshlights are made to replicate porn stars’ oft-abused holes, featuring several actors to choose from.

Cock sleeves

There are a wide variety of these sex toys on the market today. Some cock sleeves are intended for couples’ use, some are bulky and realistic, and some are compact, stocky, and short. Either way, cock sleeves are an effective means of reaching pleasurable orgasms by yourself or with a partner’s help.

Butt plugs

While many gay men might object, anal cavities weren’t designed for sexual intercourse. As such, using butt plugs to loosen up the rectum is both a functional and pleasurable kind of sex toys. The many online sex toys marketplaces feature models that vibrate, are skinny, long, have several bumps, feather tails, jeweled ends, and virtually very other kind imaginable. Like strapons

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